What's New? In preparation of our DAO, we realase hodler ranking here!
The First Interactive Marketplace for NFT
On SOLANA Blockchain
To all the Pandarians who held at least 2 Pandas on the 29th of September for the Snapshot. Enter the kingdom and find the SolBamboo in the center of the map and claim your SolBamboo!
Enter The Kingdom
What is SolKingdom?
SolKingdom is a social based metaverse with an interactive marketplace, where you will be able to interact and trade NFTs with each other. The transaction will be more secure than normal P2P trading! SolPandas are the first inhabitants of the SolKingdom, which give SolPanda holders exclusive rights like living in the SolKingdom as their own NFT character.
3888 SolPandas in SolKingdom
SolPandas were the first inhabitants of SolKingdom and were released to the wild on 16th September 2021. 3888 of them had been sold out and ready to conquer the SolKingdom.
Live as NFT Character
In our metaverse called SolKingdom, your SolPanda will come to life as your character.
Fun Gathering
Soon we can meet each other in SolKingdom and have fun gatherings. Multiplayer board games will also be supported!
Our Interactive Marketplace
Buying and selling NFTs will be more fun and with a lot of useful features like a ranking filter. You can check it out here. It will all happen inside our metaverse SolKingdom! We also would love to know which NFT projects you would like to see in our interactive marketplace? Write us on Discord or Twitter!
Hold to Earn
If you had at least two SolPandas on the 29th of September when the Snapshot happened, you are eligible to claim your SolBamboo in the SolKingdom. We made different rarities for the SolBamboos with different exclusive rewards. Stay tuned for further details on the rewards!
Roadmap & Timeline
Special Item Airdrop
1944 SolBamboo will be airdropped to SolPanda Holders. Some percentages of earnings from SolKingdom marketplace will be distributed to SolBamboo Holders.
Marketplace Function
SolKingdom marketplace will support listing and buying of SolPandas for holders
Sprite Character Design + Map Design
SolKingdom Map design will be improvised and SolPanda holders can roam around the metaverse using the NFT they are holding
Multiplayer Support
SolPanda holders can have fun gatherings and eventually play multiplayer board games againts one another in SolKingdom
Other NFTs Storefront
Partnership and collaboration will be done with other NFT creators and projects by opening their Storefront in SolKingdom
New Inhabitants
2nd Generation Inhabitants alongside SolPandas will be introduced to SolKingdom